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chibikitsune's Journal

Everyone's Favorite Little Fox
27 March
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I'm just a little fox. A kitsune, to be exact.

That means I have nine tails. So Ha.

Jillia Made my icons and my journal layout for me. I am now cuter than you. All complaints/compliments should be directed at her.

I have beem Declared the "Nicest guy on the 'net" by Jon Morris. So ha.

...I don't know why you people are reading this. I still say it's half-concived wall-scribbling. But a bunch of people seem to like it, so, what the hell.

Looks, it seems I've got a medium-sized following. Please, PLEASE, if you read this, TRY to repsond to comments every once in awhile. When I get none, it makes me sad and less amusing.

A word on my friends list:

I tend to add people not as they add me, but on the basis of if I know them fairly well or if they respond fairly often to posts I make. So if you add me and I don't add you, it's nothing personal. But some of the people I have now update so often it's already a headache for me if I miss a day.

Oh, and any furries out there who wanna meet me (For whatever reason), I'll be at Anthrocon 2011, barring any unforseen problems, of course.